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  1. Mainly because I drew it via Inkscape 7 years ago, so I wouldn't change anything for that... This actually the last version of the map anyways. I'm bit lazy to remake it for AoH2... Ngl, 2013... Maybe I could make an advanced map soon. Thanks for your support πŸ˜‰.
  2. Hi there folks, I'm here to tell you that I'm very imaginative and very obsess with my idea. Since I was a kid, I like Geography. I love to learn the politics of the world. Until then, I've created my version of the world. So I decided to make a mod that suits my 'Imaginary World.' The imaginary world is a world that I create based on my brothers' idea. I write every piece of information about them and play them every day on my mind. As you already know, I'm already 17. I'm getting busier. My childish mind is slowly gone and fade away. So, I decided to create a mod for them in AoH2 (so c
  3. Man, you're hero for me... I created a mod which crashes the game because of unconnected province thing. Now I can run the game smoothly... πŸ˜‰
  4. Hey, Hey, Hey! What an amazing project is going on here! Hi, I'm new to AoH2 and found this forum pretty amazing... My favorite country is Turkey (because my father's name is similar to RoTurkey's first leader). I very excited to see a whole new range of gameplay going on here and I hope to see a development (and maybe you could make it to my beloved country, Malaysia). I understand any of your excuse, I didn't force you to do it. Also, I could just wait until it finished (cuz I also have an examination, late-February > early-March then in mid-September). πŸ˜„ [There you go, put an emoji there
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