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  1. Yeah, it's dead for now, i have a lot of college assignments to do in real life, maybe the development of this mod has to be stopped for a while, idk maybe 6 months or 1 year, sorry guys, i'll continue the development if i have free time.
  2. Sure mate, you should upload it with your mod when its done.
  3. Mate, that font looks very nice, what font are you using ?
  4. Idk why but i think it would be cool if i can create my own UI lol.
  5. "Under control my ass" Marshal Wu Peifu's response, after being informed that the situation in Nanjing is under control. League of Six Province Teaser Introduction : Some random events : League of Six Provinces before collapse : League of Six Provinces after collapse : League of Six Provinces Controled Territory : Anqing Clique Controled Territory : Left Kuomintang Rebels Controled Territory : Hunan Clique Controled Territory : Liangguang Clique Controled Territory : Shandong Cliq
  6. That's my plan, but someone suggested that I should release the full version directly without beta, sooo... Idk, and also this mod is still very far from finished, either beta or full version.
  7. Aight folks, here's another US Teasers : MacArthur Goverment controlled territories : Jack Reed's Syndicalist Goverment controlled territories : Huey Long (Dong) Goverment controlled territories : Pacific States Goverment controlled territories : Note : There may be some changes in the future 😛
  8. I'm sorry, unfortunately there's no Android version for this mod, because my Phone is potato, but when this mod is released, and there are people who want to convert this mod to Android, I don't mind at all.
  9. Ok, Here's the USA civil war teaser : Yeah i know it's a bit blurry lol. And next, the Dutch East Indies map :
  10. The mod is good, but I still have some work to do in the real world, so... yes
  11. nooo, this mod is not dead, I'm just doing some important tasks in the real world, college stuff, I need 2-3 months to complete it, when it's finished, I'll continue making this mod. Well good news! 👍 edit : how to do it ?
  12. I tried it, but the leader doesn't change ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Damn, this was very useful for me, thanks Chairman Baad 👍
  14. Hey Aryan, how did you prevent vassals from declaring independence
  15. Will the country tag change when you change the leader ?
  16. Netherlands is nerfed, and also, this is only for a while, I'll look for another alternatives later
  17. So i've decided to Balkanize Mittelafrika a bit, because for some reason, they always rebelled against Germany ( Because they have a hell large population & Economy, that even was more than Germany itself ) ( There's a very little chance i'm going to add some african Kaiserredux events, like mau-mau maybe, idk i never played Kaiserredux again because the mod was slow af, even TNO runs faster in my pc lol ) I also give the Netherlands eastern part of Indonesia ( Same reason like Mittelafrika )
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