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  1. It seems so! I downloanded futuristic mod. Raw pc version, with help of him. Works fine. Opened it, builded something etc basic stuff and moved turn. Its good. I'll update if something is wrong. Update* sometimes get stuck at 900provinces loaded usually at 60%. Works normally when closing whole game and reopening it. Btw, if you have already played. It is not bad idea to take backup of original application. I would have hated if mine would have fully disappeared. I have 10k turns as a finland. Lot effort put in there.
  2. Saxurz

    3000 turns

    I just crossed 10 000 turns in 1400? scenario. No problems, expect that now my phone says game does not respond, if i click too fast. Running on Nokia 6.1.
  3. Yes i understand 😂 Yep it actually fits better to that time frame 😆
  4. Game now has a command addplayer, i would suggest command deleteplayer too. Just like addplayer choose province and do command. I do not know if it is even possible to deleteplayers that have losed (0 provinces left). I've taken 118 players to game now. It is so much that i must use automatic clicker to pass all turns 😄.
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