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  1. Tolo02

    Age of Star Trek

    Thanks! The Beta will be released soon, I'm planning to add new content, scenarios, graphics and maybe even new maps.
  2. Tolo02

    Age of Star Trek

    AGE OF STAR TREK Hi! This is my very first Mod for Age of History 2 and it's about the Star Trek Universe. Download link: https://www.4shared.com/rar/axn3KELdiq/Age_of_Star_Trek.html The Mod adds to the game: New Map of the Milky Way with 1796 provincies + Wonders New Civilizations from the Star Trek universe + Leaders New Terrains Accurate Scenarios STAR TREK GRAPHICS New Music New Star Trek Fonts New Events This is the alpha release and the mod will be further expanded in the next months. Since this is my first atte
  3. Hello, how is it going? Is still the opportunity to download it?
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