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  1. как написать название сценария в ваниле на русском?
  2. Achim

    game crashed

    please help me add my map to the game
  3. Achim


    in the folder AOCII\game there is a file "Governments" open it and copy random ideology and paste with you ideology. Example { Name: "Ideology", Extra_Tag: "i", GOV_GROUP_ID: 0, ACCEPTABLE_TAXATION: 0.24, MIN_GOODS: 0.54, MIN_INVESTMENTS: 0.04, RESEARCH_COST: 1.02, INCOME_TAXATION: 1.04, INCOME_PRODUCTION: 0.98, MILITARY_UPKEEP: 1.04, ADMINISTRATION_COST: 1.04, ADMINISTRATION_COST_DISTANCE: 1.02,
  4. Achim


    I learned. I will write now
  5. Achim


    Please help! How to make my own ideology?
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