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  1. The Soviet Union was created in 1922, before that there was the RSFSR
  2. One question arose: will you expand vanilla scenarios with new historical countries?
  3. The turns take a long time due to bots trying to colonize the provinces. Just put the "province colonization" option at the beginning of the game, the turns should load faster
  4. Hey, I am having some problems. Sometimes I get a black screen if I take too long, quickly and sharply change the scale and scroll the map. I wanted to play in the editor, but here it is ...: ^ ( The only thing I did was replace ideologies with others, from another mod, and sat in the editor to correct ideologies in the modern day with new ones. But I'm not sure that the black screen was due to this
  5. I think that with so many provinces, the scenarios of Ancient Greece and Japan can be better worked out by adding more historical states. Well, of course, I can’t wait for the mod to come out, to get access to such a powerful tool of history and cartography as an editor
  6. Emmm, what about Italia-Slovenia borders? What about to add a Triest, like on a picture? Also i'm hope what there will be a re-work of all borders to make 'em more detailed and realistic
  7. There is a Carpathians and Pyrenees mountains in Europe and Cordilleras in North America? Also it would be good to make Ethiopian Highlands
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