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  1. AntiLukash

    1900 Scenario

    The script sucks. Have you ever seen a map? IT'S THE NEAR PAST WITH AUTHENTIC CARD, WHAT IS THIS SHIT?! The border of Austria-Russia, Austria-Romania, Germany-Belgium, Russia-China, Russia-Norway, French Indochina-Thailand, the Colonies of Belgium, France and Britain in Africa are wrong, Austria-Italy, in General, EVERYTHING is WRONG! I am sure you do not even know the modern map of the world, RAS is not able To include all Finland in Russia or create Luxembourg, also Russia-Osmania are wrong, where Bulgaria, the borders in Libya are wrong. CONCLUSION: YOU'RE SCHOOLS, NOT KNOWING THE WORLD MAP! YOU NEED TO STOP TO TAKE THE BOUNDARIES OF YOUR CORRUPTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND MAPS AND ATLASES
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