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  1. Hello add please 0% aggresivity! This will be usefull for event scenarios. I like your mod also i would love that thing in it!
  2. And also here is that problem. I can delete or replace any file in aoc2.exe cuz when im trying it shows me message "the archive is corrupted" and nothing happen... So i cant replace file "Menu_CreateNewGame_Options_v2" BTW where i can text to you?
  3. look what now? maybe i have bad program but i dont see any numbers or "const/16 16 0x32 I need really help with this im sorry but im programing this game for first time. Also i tried to use your mod and i deleted all except exe file and pasted other files from my mod it started yes but after loading it crashed....
  4. Is here alternative to edit it on computer? maybe i will need your direct help bcs i dont have so much expirience or is there some tutorial which will really help me?
  5. where i can find folder that cointains aggressivity of ai and make it to allow me set it to 0% in game?
  6. How did u changed game to allow set zero % aggressivity of ai?
  7. Very nice mod! im glad there is so many events 😄 but damn how did you changed the game will allow to players set ai aggressiveness to 0% i tried to find the file in game folder where i can change this but i failed
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