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    Jaroslav Mošna reacted to Aryan in The New Order mod - 1.0.5   
    I used MT Manager to edit classes.dex>age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz>Menu_CreateNewGame_Options_v2
    Find the first line with the word AI_AGGRESSIVENESS in it
    The two lines above it will be
    const/16 v16, 0x32 (0x32 is the min ai aggressiveness written in hexadecimal)
       const/16 v17, 0x190 (0x190 is the max ai aggressiveness written in hexadecimal)
    Change 0x32 to 0x0
    Edit: A little clarification. This wasn't discovered by me. @Dmitry Bunt told me how to do this.
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