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  1. Chungus dickus

    Aoh 2 2.0

    Thank god a good mod some advice I would like you to hear Plz don't make too many provinces Add reichskommissariat borders Fix the alliance system More governments Plz make more formables
  2. This is the best mod I have ever played on aoc2 but it dose have its weaknesses I suggest fixing the borders the default map is decent but not good especially on small borders it's shit and why I think aren you should plz try adding some new provinces I know it's a nightmare sometimes but plz do something like a beta with more provinces and then add them to the real game my Province suggestions Add Panama and suez canals German ostalnd border fix Ostland moskovien border fix Ukrainian moskovien border fix Moskovien russian warlords border fix Hungarian croation bo
  3. This is the best mod in aoc2 community and I am happy to be alive during its production
  4. I agree with every single word you said but it's gonna take a long time to implement it all
  5. The upper one is fine I am all for that but the lower one plz don't its just some tumors plz don't add the lower picture to the mod plz dont
  6. What's the point of having this feature if you can't use it
  7. http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=27960 Hey aryan you can use this it isn't mine
  8. This would work great In aryans tno mod plz can you give it to him
  9. Aryan is there a date for the next update and this is the only mod that reaches addon+ levels so plz don't leave it and will you plz nerf borrman he always wins the civil war
  10. Aren can you please fix this issue also it only happens when you are in spectator mod
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