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  1. *Military Junta* My Grandfather: ah shit here go again
  2. es como si boca hubiera tomado el poder de argentina xd
  3. sajonia979

    Victoria 2 map

    I know some are going to ignore this, but I've been looking and there are no people who make victory maps 2 Please, some developer to make one if you want, I can help you. 😎👍
  4. dale pibe quiero ver como te quedo
  5. with this I felt like in victory 2 trying to form germany xd
  6. If you already put your civilization go to the next one and select your civilization, you will not be able to put your civilization in waste so better remove the waste 😎👍 (google traductor)
  7. What is the rew durnil command for? and what is its use for
  8. its my first time xd,

    How do I comment on any answer?🤔
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