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    FurkanTr15 got a reaction from Resul Pasha in Juven ''The Great Middle East Mod''   
    sen büyüdünde mod mu yapıyon 🥰
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    FurkanTr15 reacted to Resul Pasha in Juven ''The Great Middle East Mod''   
    Juven '' An advanced map of the middle east ''

    Let me tell you what's in Juven right away.
    A detailed realistic map,
    Higher quality scenarios and more scenarios,
    New ideologies,
    New civilizations,
    New leaders,
    New formable civilizations,
    Eye-catching icons,
    Nice background and more just wait.

    You can follow the developments here : https://discord.gg/4ZaH3aKvMY

    By @Resul Pasha and @urdekreiz
    This mod is frozen until September...

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    FurkanTr15 reacted to Firat_050 in Dark Europe (Hoi4 Mode)   
    - HOİ4 States
    - 6.000 - 7.000 Provinces
    - New Background
    - HOİ4 Font
    - New Musics
    - New Leader Pictures
    - New Sound Effects
    - 3 World War 2 Scenario (V1,V2,V3)
    - Focus Tree With Events
    - Special Pictures For Each Scenario
    - Adjusted Power Points On Each Leader
    - New Ideologies
    - New Icons
    - 25+ Scenarios
    ( Pictures Will Come Soon :))
    Modder Group:
    - Firat_050 (Tr)
    - Wertefer (Tr)
    - Modderali_40 (Tr)
    - İlbey (Tr)
    - Ugur (Tr)
    - Aslan (Tr)
                                                                                   -DARK EUROPE PREWİEW-
    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcDUtylUoE8GC2nT45LBFTg?view_as=subscriber
    Dark Europe Soon.....
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    FurkanTr15 reacted to Kerems2434 in Conquerors v1.5.1 "Conquerors of the New Age" / DOWNLOAD NOW!   
    Our scenario maker,  @FurkanTR14 has completed 19 scenarios for Conqueror's II v1.5 "Conqueror's of the New Age"
    I'll share the screenshots from the new scenarios shortly after.
    (Some scenarios are not quite finished yet.)
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