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  1. oh, so you made it in "vanilla" game... i don't trust like that. how did it work?!, i changed cancer date to 1950 and still crash on me!, damn...
  2. so you telling me all of this was happened, cause of a fucking CANCER in DISEASES.JSON NONE OF @siyomono0, AND @Xjento TOLD ME TO DO MODIFYCATION ON DISEASES.JSON edit: tried that, didn't work, fuck you.
  3. yes they can, but the A"I" isn't programmed to achieve this, the A"I" is only an obstacle (big or small) to the player. and if you ever play modern day scenario, you'll 100% see Ethiopia turn into Abyssinia, every, single, time. like, Abyssinia border is the same as Ethiopia border, which in historical context: doesn't make sense, should have added in Eritrea's land in it, but whatever, Ethiopia the "only" black country to not being colonized by filthy Europeans who want to harm people for """prestige""". but in A"I" pov: it's perfect, it can form into "a long gone" Abyssinia ev
  4. firstly you got the quotation system wrong. secondly i said "the files i have is the same as the one you made it.", i check the vanilla, unaltered 1440 scenario file, and the heavily altered 1440 scenario file, the only different i can find is the preview icon of the both scenario, as well as the event file (1440_E) being way heavier in your file than the vanilla one. i explain to you what i found, and difference is the one i found in both the preview and the event file. maybe i don't have the images that come with events, maybe my computer is trash, or maybe you used a modded
  5. mimida21


    if you're talking about relationship and alliance step one - have a good relationship with a country by clicking "improve relations". step two - have the Same Ideology as the country you want to alliance with. step three - don't be a weak country, economically, militarily, or geographically. step four - hope to god that the country you want to ally with don't insult you at a random moment. this should make the Likelihood of success: HIGH.
  6. that's good to hear, but why didn't you say it in stories?
  7. wha- i- what do you means "Show me your files", the files i have is the same as the one you made it. i downloaded it. i put two civ in civ_editor. i put the scenario in the earth's scenario folder. i booted up the game. aaaand it crashed, all of a sudden, without a warning. maybe this scenario wasn't meant for my vanilla game. i asked if you made the scenario in a modded game or not?
  8. i did what you said, but it ain't working, what mod did you made this scenario on?, cause it look so different than my normal AOH2 game by this icon map alone.
  9. you should add the British states first before going to canada states.
  10. hello, am not dead (yet), just real life being real life and my computer screen is being whacked by black screen when i leave it blacked for too long. anyway here's the file: Far-East Asia scenarios.rar have fun with it.
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