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  1. ah, bloody europe, so this is a supposed to be a Chinese version, ok, i get it, thanks, i guess.
  2. i would love to know what the fuck it says, it's all Chinese, this is not a Chinese forum, it's an international one, can you please write it all down in English, so everybody in this forum can understand what content you presenting?. (also was it necessary to post on my profile page and post this with "Exclusive Gift" written down when you did the same with other users, it ain't very "Exclusive", and there's no download link to your content)
  3. hello, am not dead (yet), just real life being real life and my computer screen is being whacked by black screen when i leave it blacked for too long. anyway here's the file: Far-East Asia scenarios.rar have fun with it.
  4. mimida21


    the longer i look at it, the worse it gets.
  5. i somehow done it and transfer my mod into android game... the problem is that the --- i use was modfiy with unlimited gold, so better start over tomorrow, it will be coming soon.
  6. i'm trying my best to somehow transfer this mod into android without giving me a loading black screen right now, wish me luck...
  7. i thought it happened on north america more often.
  8. mimida21


    sky's stopped, no more fnf sky
  9. bruh, like . this is a port mod of a mod in HOI4 where's the axis wins WW2, and you asking to add her in this mod?, go back to r/fridaynightfunkin community, you don't even belong in this forum.
  10. i would like to criticize it a little: Greenland and little islands near Cuba is not part of canada, but other than that, it's alright.
  11. and from what i read, there's 50% Turkish in this forum, l-like in any other forum i expected English to be spoken on a universal level, not here though...
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