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  1. sorry, only pc, if i know how to do the same with Android, i'd do it, but i guess i'll have to delay it once it reach 1.0 version, sorry again.
  2. mimida21

    Rise Of Africa

    i can't wait to play as egypt and take over africa after 70 -90 years ingame.
  3. hello everyone, i'm new to this platform, plus this map i was working on, took me about 6 days in total when it's come to map making, what inspire me is that some famous guy on the forum with xi as profile pic called age of history 2 as "risk ripoff", but without further a do, welcome to: RISK: age of history 2 edition +almost like aoh1, but way smaller. +no sea provinces yet, so it'll feel like old risk game. -some country placement may be wrong but it's not like risk was accurate to begin with. - six scenario as of right now (there'll be more to come, do
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