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  1. Well, I decided to rewrite the entire project anyway. Still working on it.
  2. Emm... The crazies things happened in the past few hours. When everything was quite ready and I was carrying out some final tests before release, I accidentally deleted all my source code. I tried to recover the source code for hours. I didn't know what to do, thought about just leave these god damn things forever. When I was about to give up, finally, by reverse-engineering the .exe files, I recovered major parts of my code (though severely damaged, e.g.: the province generating code is lost). So, happy ending, I guess? Though it may take days to recover everything, a
  3. As I've said, the broadcast system with no outcome is already done, and is quite easy to do.
  4. Just checked out that. Yes, I was planning to make something like the ROOT operator. However, I believe that they are hard to implement, which requires a deeper look into the event system. But now we have another brute force solution: just BATCH generate one event for each!
  5. That's weird... why? Do you mean, a event that all countries can trigger? Currently I've done the function of broadcast: a event that all countries can see, but there can be no effects (otherwise the effect will be triggered many times). It would be harder to create a event that triggers for all countries. However, since I am now developing the BATCH editor, which means that instead of making one event, we can make a event for each country.
  6. Hello Everyone. The first thing, I would like to apologize: I was planned to release this weekend, which would fix the map bugs and add brand new features including civilization editor, for example. However, the development process was interupted by another thing. The second thing: After learned how to modify the java code (from Dophin General and Aryan, thanks), I am now ready to build the Base Manager, which would integrate tools for the pipeline of changing the game base itself. The third thing is what interupted my plan to publish, what I've been working on i
  7. What function have you used? The Text Manager is now unstable and not recommended, which will be fixed in the next version, to be released soon.
  8. It is already there: the "Export Resource" in the export manager. After getting the resource zip file, you need to manually move everything in the zip file into the ---'s assets file. Since the later part involves using MT Manager on an Android emulator or a real Android device, so I can't help with that XD.
  9. I won't, actually, I am about to release the next version soon.
  10. So......? Is it ever gonna release? At least release some halfway product so that we can learn and follow. Thank you!
  11. Yes. But probably in the next next version or the next next next version.
  12. FINALLY! I've done it. Now I can change java source code on PC, and then transfer to Android. Huge advancement in mod making. Thank you dude!
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