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  1. I didn't change other things. The broadcast function means that if now a event's recipient is Neutral, it will be triggered by all civilizations (so don't add effect on this event otherwise it will be triggered hundreds of times).
  2. It is possible, yes. But it involves way more coding than I'm currently doing. It might be possible if I'm researching about this full-time, but I still have life. Personally, I'm not gonna have much time later. Though, a good news is that in the past year, Chinese AoH2 modders have increased greatly. A LOT of techinical groups emerged, and are working hard now. We are advancing in developing new systems with much more and complex code change. So, let's wait and see what they'll exhibit!
  3. No I didn't change anything related to leader.
  4. A person named starfruit#8937 from Discord asked me to ask your discord nick, can you tell me your discord nick?

    1. Magolor


      Sure. It is Magolor#1344. However, I don't use discord very often.

  5. Well ... this is a little awkward. While the original game and the TNO jar file I downloaded from this forum can be perfectly decompiled and modified, your jar file seem to be encoded in a different way. Trying to decompile this jar file will lead to much more compilation error than the original jar file, which makes me unable to modify anything. 😞
  6. Alright. I'll just start to work other things on the newest mod? Which I assume should have the change leader feature, if I understood what you are saying correctly.
  7. Sorry for the delay. Yes. There's definitely something wrong in your image encoding. I threw your image into a converter (from png to png, yep), and then it works. Then it works fine. So that image might be something that is not actually a standard png, but compressed in some way. Now after conversion it works fine. I've attached the converted line map and the generated color map. Notice that you may need to manually handle the small glitching islands. The better way to do that is to handle the line map, remove the small glitches before feedin
  8. Alright, how are you gonna send me the jar file? Google Drive?
  9. This needs to be done by yourself. Also, please do checkout update, which is more stable and has more features.
  10. Ok, so I'm gonna try to develop on BE, but give you the one modified on TNO, right? You need the PC version or the Android version?
  11. OK, I guess that is what i am planning to do: build new system upon TNO jar file. I'm now ready to go onto it. However, a quick question before I start, what is better, the TNO jar file, or the BE jar file?
  12. Sorry for that, honestly I haven't see this error elsewhere. Though, a lot of Chinese users have told me then encountered all kinds of strange errors on Windows 7, since the software is developed and tested on Windows 10.
  13. -Unlimited (99999999) turns before war -Change minimum army to attack to 500 or 1000 ↑These can be easily done. -Vassals never turn on you -Custom Loading Screen (let there be an image when you load into the game) ↑These might be doable but may take long time to look into, I'm not sure whether I will be able to finish these before Feburary (with all the other works ongoing). -Disabling of various diplomatic actions (peace negotiations during war, improve relations and insult, trade, ask/give military access, release a vassal etc.)
  14. Please use the new update and see if the problem still occurs
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