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  1. Min321

    The Age of Romania

    The small provinces are local administrations and the counties will be like the countries or something :)) Yes, Im romanian
  2. Min321

    The Age of Romania

    New mod Rise of Romania Good diverse map Future Scenario: =Future World =Confedered States of Romania and Moldova =United Medieval States of Romania =Județean/Raional Independence !!Transnistria Map!! Big scaled provinces - With next Counties: =Moghilău =Jugastru =Tulcin =Râbnița =Balta =Dubăsari =Aneniev =Golta =Tiraspol =Ovidiopol =Oceacov =Odesa =Berezovca ...New Update...
  3. Before I press Ok when I enter in game, it crash
  4. When I reenter in the game, it crash. What I can do to don t crash??
  5. How you do a map? I ask because I do all I watched on a video from this platform but, when a select a scale the game crash
  6. Hi,

    I wish make a romanian map with entire localities. Is somwone who can help me with a image with its, but to be in pixels?

    Please, I need very much!

    Or can help me with draw like it map:


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