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  1. Will the UI/Graphics look like the first Addon with the sharp orange edges and stuff? I quite enjoyed how that looked and would love to see it in the new Addon
  2. The names that they correspond to would be nice aswell but alright i'll jus figure that out myself
  3. If the Ideologies for this mod are finished, what are their tags? (for example: ger_f, ger_c, ger_r, etc)
  4. Could I have the background? Its not for any mod I have, just for my own personal use. I'd completely understand if you dont want to share it.
  5. Any idea how much longer this will take? I don't want to sound impatient but im debating whether to do a huge overhaul on one of my scenarios but I dont want to do that then have to remake it in Addon+ map
  6. Imperium

    Flag Sizes?

    Thank you! This will help a lot!
  7. Imperium

    Flag Sizes?

    What are the sizes for the flags ingame? AKA the ratios for the Large and Small flags. Ive been thinking of modifying my own game since a lot of the flags for different Ideologies are just the modern flags...
  8. Hows the progress so far? You replaced the percentage with "vse normalno" which I beleive means "everything is ok". Just wondering how its going so far
  9. Once installed, it is a seperate map, and wont affect the main game world map, correct?
  10. What Map projection are you using for the main map?
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