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  1. Yes, I tried to stabilize the game with non-aggression pacts, relations, so there should be less strange wars. I also set cores to countries (for example the invasion of Poland, no matter which country's armies are larger, all provinces will be occupied by Germany, same with the Benelux, France and Soviet Union). More will be added later, because I have a lot of things to do irl.
  2. Age of World War 2 - Age of History 2 Mod [BETA DOWNLOAD IS AVAILABLE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST!] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The beta's status: 62,5% completed FEATURES: Events ~(75% completed) Better AI (~90% completed) Music (~40% completed) Own, better looking Interface (~70% completed) Images (~0% completed) Map (100% completed) Plans for the future: More events Improved graphics New scenarios Other
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