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  1. link var burda ordan videoya atıyor seni onun açıklamasından indircen
  2. I use the MT Manager program because when I asked you you said you use this program too.
  3. @Trans-Amur can you answer my question?
  4. thanks for your help but i already tried that. and i got this archive corrupt error.
  5. I converted it to java file from phone. and then transferred it to computer. Then I clicked "extract to folder" with Winrar. And "age" and "com" folders came to the desktop. Since you said I don't need the "com" folder, I deleted it. And I extracted the "aoc2.exe" file to the folder. And I deleted the "age" folder from the "aoc2.exe" file. And I replaced it with the "age" file from the phone and selected all the files I clicked "add to archive" option. and added to archive. I tried to convert the ".zip" extension to ".jar" and open the game, but I got the error again wrong or invalid jar file
  6. We are past that stage now. Now we are trying to replace the age file on the phone with the age file in the java file on the computer.
  7. but when i transfer it to the computer i get the error java file is corrupt
  8. when I transfer it to the computer and try to open the game I get the error of faulty or invalid jar file. what should I do @Trans-Amur I've been writing this for a long time but you don't answer please reply
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