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  1. Hacktor

    Rise Of Africa

    dofguıhdofuggggdşugodfııg inş yorumun için teşekkürler forumda türk görmek güzel
  2. Hacktor

    Rise Of Africa

    I hope you get better👍
  3. Hacktor

    Victorian Era II

    are you saying in a good way?
  4. Hacktor

    Victorian Era II

  5. Hacktor

    Victorian Era II

    yes, this situation is very surprising
  6. A user by the name of xjento called me a yellowskin and praised hitler, he acts like a idiot and is overall just the most annoying member of the forums, I want you to team up with me against him.

    1. Hacktor


      do you have discord

    2. GMC_dude


      Yes, he does, however it only has 30 members.

  7. Hacktor

    Victorian Era II

    teşekkürler reis
  8. Nostalgic osuufılsdvufılsydvf That's why pixel by pixel
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