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  1. How do you install the pc version of this mod? When I try to install it, it is a white file I can not even open. How do you open it?
  2. I found out that age of history ii itself stopped the download so I uninstalled age of history ii and downloaded Roma Invicta. You are right. Thanks 😊.
  3. You are right. I saw that happen to.
  4. I played as byzantium in 1200 and I conquered a whole lot.
  5. This is my biggest empire yet. I invaded all of Anatolia from Rum that conquered Cilicicia before conquering it. The first civilization I invaded was Bulgaria since it was an enemy. Then I invaded Serbia. After conquering Rum I invaded the Ayyubids. Next was Ryazan and then I invaded Austria. After that I invaded the Papal States and moved my capital to Rome. Then I finished off the Ayyubids. Then I conquered my former Ally, Georgia. Next I invaded Trier. Last but not least, I took over Burgundy and another civilization. THE END. I left some stuff out, otherwise it would be too long. I did for
  6. I can't install the mod. I installed the --- on my phone and it said app not installed. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?
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