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  1. Sup yall baddies 😘😘😈so i have just⏲📌finished Germany and the Low Countries🎆💃🇩🇪and not it amounts to 76 provinces👌😎💁‍♀️anyways bye shawty queens!😈💅💁‍♀️📀🔥🔥🔥
  2. Andorra is apart of Iberia so yes
  3. Hey shawty queens😈💅💃 Just finished all of Iberia. 42 provinces now
  4. Finished all of Metropolitan France within 24 provinces yall shawty queens
  5. I completed to first 10 provinces and already completed half of france
  6. So this is a map mod i'm making. it will have a few big provinces but over time i might add more.
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