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  1. Your welcome but if you say anything Anti-China Pro-Falun taiwan Uyghur HK I will ban you from the nation. But if you support my plan for my nation comrade, You will get to the leaderboard by end of weekend if you post enough. PS this just a joke, By nation i mean club.
  2. Thank you my comrade for liking all my photos! I hope to make it into the leaderboard by the end of march, I will also help you get more rep.
  3. PS I liked all your posts in your fake CK3 topic, So in exchange can you like all of my posts in the CK3 topic?
  4. I was born in 6/15/1953 so I was not born yet during japan invasions but I still hate them for nanjing. This photo was taken in the late 50s so during Mao's era or "REFORMS".
  5. Yes monarchist count to, They are also the rich that should care about the workers, i even have personal adverse experiences withe upper class, I remember being sent to exile in the western part of my nation, it was horrible. But now that I have power I get to execute all the corrupt officials only to become dictator 4 life.
  6. Thanks For Liking my post, You are a good citizen comrade and I also have a club update, We have collab with north korea.
  7. Hello Little brother kim The west is getting too strong, We as the 2 east asian communist nations that have not been influenced by the western pigs should form a coalition against the corrupt ideology of CAPITALISM!
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