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  1. This is 3rd anniversary in years that this game and its forum (which you're on rn) has been dead!!

    1. Cjskks


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    3. Yuri05
  2. On another note, how many days/weeks.months do you think will go by before Lukasz deletes this topic or takes on the position of the ccp?
  3. I personally think he's most likely doing various sketchy activities like alcohol, drugs, and women...
  4. Please share your thoughts on what Lukasz has been up to since he abandoned this game and its community. Since we know Lukasz has not been developing video games. So it would be interesting to see what the community thinks he's doing.
  5. The game would've died 2019 even if he released it all sooner.
  6. A update or even a bugfix (of any kind). Brings back the tiniest bit of life into a long dead game.
  7. I'm definitely surprised to see how many people have joined the anti memososisi coalition since it's fallen out of relevance months ago. I a m equally shocked at how the prc has gained so much membership since I left.

    1. new lakhal 2.0

      new lakhal 2.0

      Me miss you long time not see you me sorry happened

  8. Maybe his mental condition detiriorated so much he can't even remember how t delete topics.
  9. Don't bring up a topic like this when you know the community is like 50% turkish, It won't end well. Same goes for other communities and asking questions that will trigger a flamewar between the ethnic majority and users not of X ethnic majority.
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