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  1. luccafm1

    Its ok now

    if you have it downloaded just execute the aoh2.exe file in the folder and it will start up. theres no installation process required. i guess if you want to merge contents from both you can just drag the contents from the mod into the original aoh2 and click to substitute all files. though expect some scenarios to be replaced or 'corrupted'
  2. cant help but notice no one even tries to help? im not the first to make this question...
  3. im aware that in vanilla the slider only goes down to 50%, but in some of my scenarios where ive made custom events random wars keep being declared... so i want to avoid that. ive seen that some mod developers have managed to change it so that it can be scaled to 0%, so i wanted to know what game files i need to change to make that happen
  4. actually i wanted to know this as well.. for example, say i make an event for germany to annex france. from time to time, it just glitches out and mixes those countries (germany and france) with other completely random and (i guess) unrelated nations. instead of it being "annexation: germany" it becomes "annexation: dominican republic", "annexation: canada", etc.
  5. how do i exit the tutorial in-game? do i just quit to main menu and continue the game?
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