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  1. Can you explain how you added capitulation?
  2. Could you make capitulation a stand-alone mod? Also good job, you guys are pretty talented for being able to ad capitulation.
  3. Does the PC .rar download file contain an .exe file?
  4. If anything if I go to China with a copy of AoH2 on my phone that has scenarios that has content that violate CCP media regulations. Ill be going somewhere my dudes. I just banned myself from China when I have Chinese blood. This is just weird
  5. Woah, as soon as I browsed to the next page I saw a bunch of Chinese text talking about universities. Maybe I will download ;)
  6. Its "Eurasian" its commonly said like that. Anyways nice civ
  7. hamet

    Atlantropa map 2.0

    Yeah, I'm just waiting for someone to pick this up and make a map for it. I don't think I'll be able to make a map, I only know how to do designs.
  8. hamet

    Atlantropa map 2.0

    Is this better? Are there any problems with it?
  9. Not done yet I'm making a new version don't let him use it yet because it'll look stupid. The Adriatica and others is supposed to be a desert. Several islands are missing. I'll probably be done with the map today.
  10. If you want to use it just credit me as u/dcwerfferv
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