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  1. If anything if I go to China with a copy of AoH2 on my phone that has scenarios that has content that violate CCP media regulations. Ill be going somewhere my dudes. I just banned myself from China when I have Chinese blood. This is just weird
  2. Woah, as soon as I browsed to the next page I saw a bunch of Chinese text talking about universities. Maybe I will download ;)
  3. Its "Eurasian" its commonly said like that. Anyways nice civ
  4. hamet

    Atlantropa map 2.0

    Yeah, I'm just waiting for someone to pick this up and make a map for it. I don't think I'll be able to make a map, I only know how to do designs.
  5. hamet

    Atlantropa map 2.0

    Is this better? Are there any problems with it?
  6. Not done yet I'm making a new version don't let him use it yet because it'll look stupid. The Adriatica and others is supposed to be a desert. Several islands are missing. I'll probably be done with the map today.
  7. If you want to use it just credit me as u/dcwerfferv
  8. Bruh, what am I even supposed to do. Where do the files go?
  9. I think AoH2 modding in piracy because when you're modding you're literally giving away the full game, which costs money, for free with slight modifications. That's the only reason why I think it it piracy. I'm still not sure about it whether or not it's piracy. The AoH2 Subreddit is not very helpful so I came here.
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