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  1. it will be an excellent mod, stay tuned 🙂
  2. Hello! Gloom of Europe III is an EU3 Mode. Don't Think Gloom of Europe IV is Dead! Rather, This Is Connected With Him. Provinces To Be Built In Pixel To Give A Nostalgic Atmosphere...
  3. Excellent mod. I'm doing the UI Design 😄
  4. bgde yok ama uı tasarımcısı gerekli gerçekten
  5. hmm. Thanks, it would be without pictures anyway ...
  6. Hi! We Are Looking For A UI Designer For Gloom of Europe IV.. My Discord : mka#0288 The UI design will be in eu4 style ...
  7. Very Very Very Nice...
  8. Mka

    Rise Of Africa

    looks very nice, i hope its not die
  9. Mka

    How do I make a mod?

    Ben telden yapmıyorum ama yapmışlığım vardı, mt manager ve a p k editor kullan
  10. I'm making a mod, can I use it (your name on the mod team)
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