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  1. Tatil+özel hayatta sıkıntılar
  2. I am sorry.I have problems in my life
  3. It is true.Mod have many bugs and it needs translate,Sorry
  4. We have stopped releasing the beta version.We will release full version in 2020.Because I will go to vacation,sorry
  5. the United Nations
  6. guys,I tried make real provinces for turkey.But map editor failed 4 times(and I've been working on turkey provinces project for 3 months.)So I probably won't make the maps you want.I am sorry 😞
  7. This is closed-beta.Beta release 13th june
  8. You are right 😄
  9. 24th anniversary of the srebrenica massacre
  10. sorry but I don't have time for making scenario
  11. Are you mean real provinces for indonesia?
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