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  1. I am sorry.I have problems in my life
  2. It is true.Mod have many bugs and it needs translate,Sorry
  3. We have stopped releasing the beta version.We will release full version in 2020.Because I will go to vacation,sorry
  4. the United Nations
  5. guys,I tried make real provinces for turkey.But map editor failed 4 times(and I've been working on turkey provinces project for 3 months.)So I probably won't make the maps you want.I am sorry 😞
  6. This is closed-beta.Beta release 13th june
  7. You are right 😄
  8. 24th anniversary of the srebrenica massacre
  9. sorry but I don't have time for making scenario
  10. Are you mean real provinces for indonesia?
  11. Thx.we may can't add this provinces for beta but we will add this provinces for full version
  12. Eyw.Sen sub zero sun di mi?
  13. two new provinces for syria
  14. Mordovia Province added ingushetia province added
  15. the abc islands added and forming ABC(aruba,bonaire,curaçao) islands added 😄
  16. this is a 1900-2100 mod.So 1789,1492 or 1114 scenarios not will be in this mod. maybe I will fix state borders
  17. martiniqueians can now play their country 😄
  18. and I will add the ABC islands(aruba,bonaire,curaçao) I added aegean islands already btw
  19. Kebab's mod yerine bunu yapıyoz işte
  20. greeco have only 1500tanks.Serbia have only 400 tanks.Turkey have 3700 tanks. greco have 180.000 soldier.serbia have 55.000 soldier.Turkey have 665.00 soldier grreco have 600 planes.serbia have 129 planes.turkey have 1000 planes in world army ranking list Turkey 8. in world army ranking list Serbia 83. in world army ranking list greco 28. So this video is unrealistic
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