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  1. (Google translate) Hi! I come to bring information about the mod. First, I will still have to wait another month to start creating it, I still can't fix my cell phone. The fact is that I think I can also create it on PC, if someone knows how to convert it to android, I would appreciate it. While I'm using a somewhat old cell phone, but the age of history is useful. From there I am doing the configurations and tests. I already managed to place the 8 world powers of the time, only that the Austro-Hungarians are in eighth. Anyway, already believe the events of all the Balkan states, Ottoman
  2. Conozco el --- parser y otra que ahora mismo no recuerdo el nombre
  3. Cambiando tu ideología a monarquía, y luego le liberas
  4. Estoy usando una aplicación para celular, puedo configurar los archivos y etc.
  5. People, I just finished the event trees of the Ottoman Empire, and China, when I have my cell phone fixed I will start to place them.
  6. • ═══════[In English]════════ Mod Power And Glory, The Great War. This mod will be based almost entirely on the First World War, where maps of the main causes will be placed, and a map, with many events. I have to clarify that this mod will be for android, and I do not know if I can do it for PC and that this post will be to announce it for now, because I will have to fix my cell phone and I will have to wait. I think I'll still do it 1 month, while doing the event trees, etc. (it's a mod, not a map) major events of 1910 • Fall of the republic in Portugal (can cause
  7. Ei! Tenho uma idea sobre uma WW1 alternativa, se antes da guerra Austro-Prusiana eles resolvem melhorar suas relações e acabam unindo a confederação germânica, tem algum discord? Te passo a ideia por aí melhor
  8. https://discord.gg/gHaCnsT6 únete, ignorarlo es muy básico, solo es para que hablemos por MD xd
  9. Yo tengo muchas ideas de eventos partir de 1911. Si quieres pasa undiscord y yo te ayudo con las ideas
  10. Ya tienes mapa de la WW1? Si lo tienes ya tienes los eventos? Yo tengo sugerencias de eventos para la WW1, desde 1911.
  11. Ponle Irlanda como títere a Napoleón, estaría interesante
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