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  1. @Suzema happy to hear the news about the new release! May I ask you to include my small update with better sounds from this post ?
  2. Lanjane

    Roma Invicta

    Hello GheovgosGJ! I tried your mod and it looks very promising. It is exactly the mod I looked for in the historical section of mods for this game. However, my attempt to play as some of the factions ended with a sheer frustration because a lot of cities on the map have totally incompatible names. For example there's a Liechtenstein on the 753BC map, and settlements in Russia/Ukraine have modernized names, like Sevastopol, Kirovograd, Pervomaisk, Dnipropetrovsk etc. This is very immersion-breaking when you play in certain regions like Scythia, Bosporan Kingdom and such. While I fully
  3. Hello friends. This mod is an absolute gem, loving it so much. I'm new to the game as well, started playing just a week ago. So I tried two mods, Roma Invicta and this one. This one I liked more, as it is much more polished and reminds me my countless hours played in Elder Kings mod for Crusader Kings 2. The only few issues I found so far in the current version are two, see below. 1) The music stops playing in campaign occasionally, because there's a typo in the file music/Age_of_Civilizations. One track has ".ogg" missing, and the second file has the ".ogg" twice. I corrected t
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