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    AoH2 Mod Maker

    Guys i remember few months ago i saw a topic on forum about and Mod Maker or whatever you call it in which the guy said that this tool can help to simplify modding such ass Easy GUI modification Palette Changer Civilization/Country creator etc. guys if you help me find that tool i will be thankful 🙏 (btw sorry for being too much emotional xddddddd)
  2. The problem is the game itself is coded in Java i think you got Inspired of capitulation system from HOI4, well tbh HOI4 is developed by an team of developers not just by a single person
  3. Dude the thing is.... WE HAVE TO FIND THAT PERSON!
  4. Maybe Because, We have given alot of appreciation to Lukasz or simply he doesnt want to code anymore, or heres a reason You see, creating a strategy game is hard, imagine all the civilizations and their provinces and all that stuff, apart from this Lukasz Is Just and SOLO DEVELOPER! What if He is creating a update, what if he is creating a new game? who knows
  5. Oof! creating a map game is nearly impossible if you are solo, as you can see, lukasz already abandoned (maybe?) AoC2 game, and then imagine what will happen to your game
  6. Ok Guys Sorry for Late Reply but You have to Do these Following To make the Event Work 1. Civilization Exists Yes If the Civilization exists currently, select this and The event might happen for that Civilization 2. Civilization is Controlled By Player Select This Only if a Civilization is Controlled by the Player.
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