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  1. Austria, France, Germany and Russia together with Italy will be able to return to the Monarchy, the same with Turkey
  2. Yes, Japan and China are the only Asian countries that will have focus trees
  3. Much of Europe and in general, the major countries that participated in the war will have focus trees, the Soviet Union falls into that category.
  4. For now I'm fine, thanks anyway, I'll ask for help when I see it necessary.
  5. The color palette next to the background map will come with the mod, in other words, on launch day, you will download the mod and it will come with everything shown in the image. Thanks for your support!
  6. I hope I can finish it, so with luck and your approval, maybe you could introduce it with the fourth update of your mod. And thanks
  7. Hi! I'm new to the forum, and taking advantage of the update 1.5 of my favorite mod of this game, I wanted to start a scenario very similar to that of Hearts of Iron IV from 1936, unlike the rest, I will imitate the branches of approach, both political and specific to each nation. This mod will have: ➢ Focus trees for much of Europe. - In process... ➢ Own color palette. ✔ ➢ New and Custom HUD ✔ -NEW ➢ Custom Font. ✔ ➢ Custom design to box of events ✔ -NEW ➢ +40 events per almost european country ➢ New sounds (From Hearts Of Iron IV). ✔ ➢ New background music. ✔ (I accept suggestions for
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