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  1. The mobile version contains bugs and improvements from previous patches, in other words, it does not have anything that the images show, on PC it does. This occurs due to an error in the conversion from RAR to A.P.K. But, if you want it anyway, check the channel "#Patches" in Discord. https://discord.gg/PYYF8Hba
  2. "From now on the MOD will stop receiving patches weekly, I will work at my own pace and as soon as the mod is finished, I will publish it in the corresponding media. Any imitation or continuation of my MOD without my permission is prohibited. I will still post the previews of the MOD by "News", as well as images and projects that I am working on. For those of you who have been waiting for the fixed mobile patch, I'm sorry to say that for strange reasons, we couldn't make it the same as the PC version, and we decided not to release it, as it would be releasing another identical patch."
  3. I'm having trouble converting the RAR to Mobile Archive, I don't know when I can upload it, I should have had it a few days ago. Meanwhile I keep moving forward making patch 0.6. Sorry
  4. It would be preferable that you wait a few hours, so I will take advantage and I will send you the 0.5 patch, unless you want only 0.4
  5. I was working on aesthetics again, this time on the leader images and the event box, in addition, I added new images for the grounds, also from the HOI4: Important provinces have their own biome that shows an image of the city
  6. Join Discord to know https://discord.gg/pPz8tSgV, but if you dont want, added a New type of event, bug fixes, more leaders, and new provincial borders, icons and other visual aesthetic
  7. The leaders have a maximum age of 60 years, I think, there is a topic that talks about it, I followed their instructions in detail and it is true, what I did was, modify Mackensen's age, making him younger than Hitler, so that when he would change the form of government, Mackensen appeared and Hitler left, if he wanted to introduce another leader, he would have to be younger than Mackensen and Hitler. Still it didn't always work and I had to do a lot of testing but as soon as I get it right I can detail so other mod creators know how to do it
  8. There is currently a problem with the mobile versions, and it turns out that it is not the correct version. By this I mean that what should be the 0.4 patch for mobile, is actually an old patch, for this reason the mobile ones play in an old version, while the PC ones do not. This bug will be fixed soon
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