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  1. Ok thanks good luck to the rest of you guys waiting
  2. I’m from North America in United States
  3. Obito


    Lukasz: iOS willl be released! This month me: omg yes lukasz: sees errors me: Lukasz: Me: what are your tricks this time...
  4. Hey can you tell me if it will work for iPhone 5s or iPod touch 6th generation
  5. I mean this Vs each other
  6. I meant the continents 😛 also isn’t the American Civil war already in the game?
  7. You know, South America vs North America
  8. Someone should make the Mexican-American war. I would do it but I’m waiting for iOS version to come out
  9. Could you give us an estimate of when the game will be finished for iOS? Lukasz
  10. Some countries are ahead of time and some aren’t so what year is it for you
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