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    doramix reacted to WINNIE THE PARAMOUN LEADER in A aoh2 discord   
    Have you realized there are no aoh2 discords focused more than one mod and are mostly focused on aoh2? So I noticed that and created a discord with rules and moderation. Unlike the forums it's active. We have many different channels however the discord is mainly focused on aoh2. Staff come in all personalities and are friendly. Good humor among users. Suggest you join, No pressure tho!
         Joining link: https://discord.gg/DrdF7d6KE8
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    doramix got a reaction from comepedra in i dont know what i made but is germany   
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    doramix reacted to PakoGerteMX in i was making a weird modern world scenario and found this   
    El juego tiene errores de caracteres en varios idiomas, en realidad se llama así

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    doramix got a reaction from comepedra in My 300 turn japan (I swear on my life it's not sandbox)   
    china wants peace so im gonna lose the 50% of this 

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    doramix reacted to Michael the pro in Swedish empire   
    Pewdiepie Empire

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