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  1. Check this. http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/186350-we-are-gathering-aoh2
  2. New Spanish Empire. Land: Idk use a map lol (Only know that doesn't have Patagonia) Capital: Madrid Flag: The first ideology i put: Absolute Monarchy or only Monarchy.
  3. Second Brazilian Empire Capital: Brazilia You need: (in Argentina) Formosa, Corrientes, entre rios, Paraguay, Uruguay Part of Bolivia, French Guiana, Guayana and Suriname. it's Good?
  4. I am from Argentina. I did what I could. If I have time I will make flags of other countries. I was thinking of a flag for the United States but it was complicated so I created this one from Argentina Patriotic Argentina Capital: Buenos Aires Requires: Uruguay, South of Brazil, half of Paraguay almost all of chile, the falklands (MALVINE) islands, South Georgia Islands And South Sandwich Islands Flag: Map (it's confusing): Have a good day
  5. Hola. Hello

  6. I already said that when it comes out to download download it, this is very well done. You started from March or even more (IDK how much) And you continue working on this. Simply incredible. You deserve more support. Keep it up πŸ‘
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