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  1. Are we even talking about the same thing? I won the civil war with extra 7 million money. Legendary difficulty and no cheats. Please learn how to play the game before complaining
  2. Just save up all the money and when the civil war happens recruit troops, easy
  3. Why should China implode but India don't? India has tons of ethnicities and languages, also 2 religions that literally hate each other. China instead has a single major ethnicity, patriot population and strong government. I don't understand this future. I like the lore of the mod but this thing I think it is a bit unrealistic
  4. Will there be some new mechanics like changing leader or ideology with events?
  5. That would be too americancentric. Not every conservative party in the world has the american republican party logo
  6. How many ideologies will you add?
  7. Then don't play the mod dum dum Btw I wish there were more rebellions, I really liked the first version of the mod
  8. I remember Ticino being independent
  9. When do you think you will release the mod?
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