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  1. You should rename the mod to Age of history III Because you are doing the things that lukasz should do
  2. I tried 3 times playing as Iran and invading Afghanistan. But at the end I won the war with a high amount of casualties
  3. Can you fix the British raj-iran border.I know its a small mistake from the orginal game map but it would be great if you fix this
  4. If you start following me, I will like all of your posts.

    1. Hitler the secend

      Hitler the secend

      Ok. Don't have to do this



  5. Please add Persian empire as a formable civilization for Fars in the fourth update
  6. Well there is french Algeria over there. Gathering storm doesn't have this. Civil war won't start and Spain just form fascist Spain
  7. Well... Spanish civil war won't happen.its always like this on Android
  8. What's the difference between (the beginning of the end) and (the new age) which one of them will come first?
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