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  1. Hey dolphin. Give me content. 1-ok. 2-shoot me.
  2. I think increasing it to 500 will have no problem. even a one province country can make 500 soldiers
  3. Nazis will come back to Germany A guy in France who really hates spain comes to power. Making their relationship bad
  4. Could you increase the base population growth to 20% because it's more realistic
  5. And maybe making AI make peace and accept our peace more often
  6. Maybe making AI attack only the nations that has core on them, if AI and player attacks a nation that they don't have core on them, then other countries would form a collation against them
  7. In aoh2 AI attacks other nations completely randomly, can you make Ai attack neighbors and countries in the region? and most likely to attack smaller countries
  8. So can you add this formble nations? Mughul Empire, can be formed by timurids And Persian empire, can be formed by tabaristan, fars, gilan, luristan
  9. Hitler the secend

    Aoh 2 2.0

    Hi, will add any new formble nation to the game? If you will, please add Achaemenid empire as a formble nation for Iran
  10. So when are you going to make the scenario a mod?
  11. Yes it's ded And the only hope is multiplayer mod that is on work
  12. so can you make countries take less land in peace deals? just like the EU4 system?
  13. Dolphin invasion from brazil pls. Penguin nazi army and Argentinian hitler
  14. Who needs tsgw when we have this right here
  15. Poll doesn't exist It's all Persia
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