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  1. I feel like the game is missing something vital. Historical strength of nations. What I mean by this is that power is purely calculated by income and income by how many provinces a civ owns. By adding these starting buffs and debuffs. Here's how they would work: Starting buffs and debuffs can be removed by decisions in events or just by time passing. Eexample: Napoleon's France could get a starting buff to soldier attack and defence so they can realistically take on a few countries in Europe easier. They start with the buff in the Napoleonic wars start date and lose it when it's 1821.
  2. This would basically just turn the game into hoi4. I definitely agree to some of the ideas but this game differentiates from other grand strategy games because it's simple so let's not overcomplicate it. The main features I would want are as follows: -a way to change leaders without having to do an "election" event which is hardly an election as you annex a country with another tag which has the leader you want. -starting buffs and debuffs which can be removed by decisions in events. This is a great way to achieve historical accuracy for example Napoleon's France could ge
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