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  1. An Update came out s few days ago?
  2. India is a coastal superpower (No inland territory)
  3. Unfortunately I do not think so
  4. And you need to stop he has school and is working on it. People like you get mods killed so shut up
  5. Yeah I didn't really know how to do pc
  6. Are you on Pc or mobile? If on pc there has been multiple things previously but on mobile you have to click on the link and just press download wait and press download.
  7. What just because it says there could be avirus doesn't mean it is?
  8. Are you using a telegram or is how you type a joke?

    1. Lakhal



  9. Jolly good explanation with fair reasoning
  10. Will there be anything? Or is it all abandoned?

    1. Chairman Baad

      Chairman Baad

      It's all abandoned.

  11. Bifalot

    Atlantropa map 2.0

    Thats fair still cool
  12. Bifalot

    Atlantropa map 2.0

    No, I think it is correct. Now the provinces need to be added or extended
  13. Why did you leave?

  14. Is it abandoned? Or still being worked on?
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