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  1. hello guys I totally forgot about this mod and decided to check back, I have no idea why you guys are talking about cancer or what that means but ok. Secondly I am the one who created the Napoleon, America and japan events and everything in update 4 and back so if your questioning events future it is not me and if in the past it is me who decided that. About all this mod not working, I have no idea how to fix your problems but all you have to do (worked for me) is replace the 1440 scenario not delete the original 1440 scenario. The extra two civilizations you don't need them but in the g
  2. I will be giving this mod to Xjento he already has the new update (not completely finished) posted I think I will work on a different type of mod. link: http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/189539-a-1440-modfourth-update/
  3. I will be developing again lads, don't fear
  4. no there is not, some other people managed to make it work. i have no experience on this
  5. Give me ideas if you can, but I can tell you that Japan and United states can be formed in the next update by events.
  6. sure, I don't have discord myself but you can create it if you want
  7. sure, if I ever need someone too enhance this mod when I'm gone. It will be you.
  8. Nothing happened, just couldn't be bothered, I might add more if I'm interested, Goodbye, for now.
  9. Sounds cool. I'm guessing you need the right dimensions.
  10. I don't really understand how or what to do about that, but I'm sure you can fix it. Also I can't really access through WhatsApp right now, now that I think about it I don't have anything to contact you. Currently I'm due for a fixing.
  11. It's a nice idea, but first I have no idea how to contact you (as I have no discord). Also, I think changing the name and icon of the game is a bit to far forward. The mod is not that good. However setting it up for android will be nice for android users. I have a lot of requests like these and to change the game design but too be honest, all I know what to do is make events and mess around with the scenarios. I will need a lot of help if you want to see this mod go further.
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