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  1. Interesting, but how do you decompile Aoc file and modify it? With Eclipse I guess or something like that? I just wanted to change speed of game to 10%, because of my scenario and try to make infinite nubmer of steps (or at least 1000000) to declare war to prevent event bugs (like TNO, sorry for this also). But I not very sure how to do it.
  2. Wow, I thought bg is not necessary to generation provinces.
  3. I don't understand how to code, but I tried to make capitulation system and some news events for every country (y'know like in hoi4, please forgive me). But it's really boring to make 50+ events for every country about capitulation of another country, also in civil wars it can be buggy. P.S. What is your experience in coding, tho?
  4. Why At least I generated color map haha yes, but anyway - how to fix it? (if it possible)
  5. У меня такие проблемы разве что с картой возникали, когда я там чинил границы и забагованные провинции игра могла просто так без объявления войны приказать долго жить. Я понял для себя, что стоит делать бэкапы игры. Но вот, что касается твоего случая, то, как мне кажется, это очередная погрешность игры, которую решить кроме как переустановкой нельзя. Если у тебе в первый раз удалось зайти в игру, то проблема наверняка не в названиях, а может быть в файле Age of civilizations, который находится в некоторых папках игры, по типу цивилизаций. Она просто подгружает цивки в редактор, чтобы их редакт
  6. I don't very sure what you mean about objectives, but I think you can use events. Like if you want to make some goal for countries in your scenario like to form USSR in modern world I think events can be useful there. You can made repeatable event with list of goals for country.
  7. No, thanks. I just watched tutorial and now I know why color map generator works bad, I just need to repaint my map with black borders. Anyway thx.
  8. Pretty interesting thingy, but generatin of provinces by color map works kinda weird. I guess I should wait for the tutorial lmao.
  9. Pretty cool mod, but I don't understand capitulations system. Sometimes country capitulate when I occupy only one province, either when only 1 non-occupied province left. Are there any values on which this system depends?
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