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  1. Pa igraj,Ε‘ta da ti kaΕΎem
  2. It still says installed because its installed on your phone.If you want to download the game on your PC,buy the game on Steam,or maybe installed the pirated game,but you will maybe get a virus by doing that
  3. Maybe 1919.That seems kinda interesting.
  4. i know its hard,i hope the dev of bloody Europe sees this
  5. It would be really nice if it would happen. Maybe someone will add this in a mod
  6. Probaly a suggestion.Its in suggestions
  7. If its based on a real person,make it like how they rule in real life.Did they improve economy,give him/her more good economy stats.
  8. Is the leader based on a real leader or not?
  9. Maybe you deleted some files by accident or changed something in them.Try reinstalling the game again and say those that works.
  10. Using a SSD wont rise your FPS so much.It will,but not so much
  11. Try reinstalling.That might help
  12. I have 100 relations with the country I want to unite with, but they do not want to join me. Is there a solution. Thank you in advance!
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