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  1. "Make Falklands and south georgia, sandwich islands into a province and give them to britain" watch out for Argentines lol
  2. You are right, if someone makes the map I will put the credits very clear
  3. Vai ter Sealand? ksksk
  4. I'm glad there is a way to change the leaders by event automatically in AoC2
  5. Is this change of leaders automatic or through the "Release vassal" option?
  6. I’m sorry, I’m not good at creating maps, it’s for a mod I’m developing (Another map without provinces to make it easier to understand)
  7. Ficou muito bom, qual editor vocΓͺ usa? Eu tinha editado pelo fotos do windows
  8. Another great mod dead
  9. These backgrounds are an edited version of the original backgrounds, a darker version of them (I will use them in the mod I'm developing) Comepedra's Backgrounds.zip
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