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  1. I got it but I want to check the video, not hear)
  2. Of course, only attach link of video when its ready)
  3. 👇DOWNLOAD LINK AT THE END👇 HAYASTAN is the very first mod that focuses only on Armenia, which has a long and interesting history. The borders of Armenia have been changed over the years, and you have an opportunity to sit on the throne of Great Armenia and make it even Great. This is the first version of this mod so I will add a few more scenarios in the future. Mod Hayastan includes map consist of 1013(176 new!) provinces which includes Armenian Highlands, whole Anatolia, Killikia, part of Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq. About 200(approx. 50 new) cities , which
  4. Do you have testScenario scenario an it is the default?
  5. My map is crashing on 99%,(only my map the Earth map opens good), I've tryed everything no missing files etc. Pls help me. Ask any info you need
  6. This is aoc baby, just try reloading the game
  7. There is no tip you should just keep, filling, also you can change % of economy in budget
  8. See. At the start of the game some countries choose to agree when you want to unite, some doesn't, even you have 100+ relations some countries may basicly not unite because of idiot logic of game
  9. At the end when you change sceanrio you can change economy and population by scrolling , but it may be not right
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