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  1. Are there events after Goring wins the civil war or do I have to declare wars on others manually???
  2. I can finnaly play my country in middle ages...
  3. I cant play the game, when I click next turn it doesn't go to the next turn. The next turn button just stays red. Does anybody else have an issue with that?
  4. Since most people have issues downloading the Addon+ mod I decided to share the download link on this forum: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WBqLUdUh8jEcQiocnNLfwz7PF5aNpy0r/view
  5. Mate800

    Old aoc games

    I can't find it on Google play anymore, has it been deleted?
  6. Good luck with the remaster.
  7. But the problem is that AoH2 isn't a real-time strategy, I don't think a turn-based game should have multiplayer. Maybe AoH3 will be a real-time strategy game and Łukaz will make a multiplayer mode. For now, I don't think that multiplayer would work.
  8. Since we won't get steam workshop support from Łukaz it would be really cool if we could get Age of History 2 mod loader.
  9. I took over everything as France in Napoleonic war scenario, it took me about 1200 turns.
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