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  1. - More Countries (Mostly from the EU4 roster so I can make a 1444 scenario) - Formables for Most, if not all, of the countries - More mechanics, like events that are requirement based rather than based on a date, or events that can happen randomly to any country - Something similar to a missions tree (that might count with the events based on requirements i had earlier) - Maybe countries that spawn via events / during a certain time frame - More leaders, and more mechanics related to them (succession and stuff) - Honestly, just stuff to make the game more like EU4 I suppose
  2. Are there any plans for an English translation? It looks really good from what I've seen.
  3. I'm not sure if you're taking feedback but I've noticed a few issues in places, as well as some things that could be improved. The issues I've noticed mostly include broken connections, especially from what I remember Hawaii to the ocean around it. I've also noticed that the nation of Dongola from the base game, and the Kingdom of Dang in Nepal overlap tag-wise, so only Dang appears as a selectable nation (I am unsure if the issue appears elsewhere with other nations, though I can't discount the possibility). As for improvements, I think more nations should be added, at least to matc
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