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  1. I apologize to you all. We will not be able to make a new background as Simon deletes the province map.
  2. When Simon throws the province map, we will start new background studies.
  3. Sadece Avrupa olması kötü olmuş reis
  4. New game logo: Designed by Wertefer
  5. Music and sound effects are completed, the mod is 25% completed.
  6. UI is completed. Completion rate of the mod: %20
  7. Yes, thanks. ☺️
  8. I can help you. I have been using discord for 2 years.
  9. Oooo ürdek ab teşekkürler
  10. Please contact those who can make a scenario. Because it is very important for the mod, I don't want the mod to delay. If the scenarist is not found, the exit time of the mod may take another 1-2 months. So it can come out in 3-4 months.
  11. The mod will end in 1-2 months.
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