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  1. Wow your Better than me, ok, Well that's still not happening to me after Multiple Tries, i Tried making Workshops to tru and get more Money, but They Start with so much Troops is that they can Just Spam out Troops until i Run out of Money, now i dont know how to make that much Money yes, But making the Civil War so Hard to Play with the Enemy Having so much Troops when they Spawn is just Unfair for me and even now i still dont know how they make more Money.
  2. No, Not easy, i've done That, i've Built Forts, i've built Towers to Fortify my Lines, BUT THEY JUST HAVE SO MUCH TROOPS WHEN THEY SPAWN I MIGHT AS WELL GIVE UP BEFORE THEY DO ANYTHING, try that Theory out for yourself, you'll find it Impossible for you to Beat as they'll Drain your Money until you Eventually Die.
  3. Hello, uh, i have encountered a Big Problem in this new Version, so, i was playing as England in the Game, and when the English civil war happend, I have more troops than the HMMLR, thats good, but after i attacked, THEY SHIT OUT 200 THOUSAND TROOPS, I HAVE PLAYED THIS FOR ATLEAST 4 TIMES NOW AND THE GOVERNMENT CANT FUCKING WIN, HOW DO I WIN WHEN THEY CAN SHIT 200,000 TROOPS PER ROUND WHEN I DONT EVEN HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO GET THAT MUCH? I am Literally so fucking done with this that i just wish that God lets me Die Peacefully if i Kill the HMMLR properly, please Fix this.
  4. Making a Scenario where Everything is Germany isnt very Fun and Interesting.
  5. Hello Aryan! I have just come here just to ask a Question, and a possible solution, to a Problem that has been Plaguing me in my Gameplay, it's that when the AI Germany goes to Civil War, their Faction just renames to: "Afrika Schild" and still has some of the Old members, this makes the Uprisings in Poland and England to be squished immedietly, even worse, while Playing as South Africa for the South African War, it instead ends up as WW3 because the Faction germany has still exists, but Ostland still is quite Hard for the AI, but this ends up making lots of Map gore, is there anything i can d
  6. I think there are already some Made Reichskommisariats if you go to: Release a Vassal > Select Countries > [Insert Reichskommissariat name]
  7. When will we expect the next Update? And what updates will the game receive?
  8. Have u Opened the App? Maybe it has it there?
  9. I just noticed everyone, he actually made a Android version, but said it may not be Stable. Download at your own Risk. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-sve-gzddj6wqGlxTEoTjucyKkjrN0yV/view?usp=drivesdk
  10. Well so much fir the hope for Mobile, guess i will have to Download an File which i dont trust with my PC which has little to no Defenses against Viruses that may or may not be in that File.
  11. Has there been ANY movements to this Continuation?
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